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Looking to Enhance Grades? Hire Our Tutors in Watsonia


Selective Entry and Scholarship Preparation

We teach your child scholarship and selective entry test strategies which help them secure a position into some of the country’s most prestigious schools.


Academic Support

Give your child the academic support they need to be confident in their abilities so that they can progress to higher levels of academic success.


VCE Preparation

Our courses are designed to prepare students for VCE. We give our student the step up they need to get ahead of their peers and ultimate excel on their final VCE exams.


NAPLAN Preparation

We focus on enhancing your child’s literacy and numeracy skills so that they can perform at a higher level in school assignments and the NAPLAN test.

Welcome to the Bright Spark Learning Centre in Watsonia. We are an academic tuition agency located in Watsonia, assisting students in primary and secondary school achieve higher grades. We help students with subjects including but limited to English, mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry.
The Bright Learning Centre is conveniently located in Watsonia, near the Watsonia shops and not even five minutes from the Watsonia station.
Welcome to the growing number of parents who have come to realise the benefits private tuition in Watsonia can have on their child’s confidence and academic results. We teach students in classes, and also through private one-on-one tuition. Our expertly trained tutors guide students with understanding difficult concepts in the Victorian Curriculum. Also, our tutors assist students in developing the necessary motivation and study skills they require to achieve greater results in any academic subject.
One research study has found the dramatic benefits efficient and effective academic tutors can have on a student's learning. When the students were tutored one-on-one, they improved by a factor of two standard deviations higher than the mean average of a conventional classroom such as the one students are exposed to at school. The results of this study are summarised below.

Indeed, having the personalised one-one support has been shown to improve student learning. Some researchers assert this a result of the teacher being able to give more attention to the student. Others argue that it a likely result of having fewer distractions from others students detracting from the learning experience. While some maintain that the teacher has more time to tailor an approach that will more effectively cater to the students learning needs. Either way, the evidence seems to be unanimous that the smaller the class size, the better the students are likely to go for their tests. It is for this reason that the Bright Spark Learning Centre caps classes at 8 students, and offers private one-on-one support.
Classrooms are supported by interaction among students to help foster a community of like-minded learners. Students are encouraged to learn with each other, take control of their learning, and support each other to develop into independent learners. This transforms the teacher from being the sage of on the stage to the guide on the side. This, therefore, makes classes more engaging for the students which are an underpinning approach to our teaching practice.
However, this is not to say that all Watsonia tutors can consistently achieve the same levels of success for students. In fact, there is no doubt that some tutors are a waste of money. For this reason, the Bright Spark Learning Centre makes it a point of training their tutors to be efficient, effective and impactful educators. The tutors at the Bright Spark Learning Centre have a track record of successfully nurturing students’ development and growth. One case study evidencing this is through one of our students, named Ed, who came to us having difficulty passing mathematics. For him, mathematics just did not make sense, and his confidence was shot as he was convinced he was “stupid”. However, after a short period of tuition with us in Watsonia, Ed was ecstatic to announce that he achieved his first A for mathematics. Certainly, here at the Bright Spark Learning Centre, we believe that any child has the ability to grow and develop.
Ed’s story is just one of many students who we have helped to “turn it around”.
Please feel free to read through our website to gain a better idea of who we are and what we do. Particularly, peruse our blog documents some more of our many success stories.

2017 Prices

Our classes are 1½ hours in duration, and run weekly over a term of approximately 10 weeks. For more information on discounts and free trials lessons, please click here.