Anooksha’s story

I had the pleasure of first meeting Anooksha towards the end of April in 2015. She was a year 8 students planning to sit of the June the select entry exam to gain admission into MacRobertson Girls’ High School. Her father, Akash, explained to me that Anooksha had tremendous difficulty with the Mathematics component of the Edutest.

This was no exaggeration. During our first lesson together, Anooksha was entirely unable to attempt Mathematics examination due to her lack of understanding. With only two months to learn all the necessary content for the Mathematics component, she was definitely coming to me behind the eight ball.

Despite the odds being stacked against her, Anooksha embraced our lessons with diligence and conviction. In two months, Anooksha learned what usually took other students a whole year to learn.


Despite being wracked with nerves, Anooksha reported that she found the actual Edutest exam on the day to be easy. In the back of my mind, I was hoping that the exam was not deceptively difficult and she had in fact gone poorly. I would have to wait three months to find out how she actually went on the select entrance exam.


And then one day three months later, while sitting in a doctor’s office, I received a call from Akash. I left the doctor’s perhaps a little too early, but I did not care about that. I needed to know how Anooksha went.
I answered the phone. Akash sounded exasperated. What does this mean? Was he angry? Had Anooksha not gotten in?

He explained that Anooksha had been offered a spot into MacRobertson Girls’ High School! Akash was brimming with joy. (Admittedly, so was I!)

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