How to Improve a Student’s Reading Comprehension- Part 2

Hi All,

So here is the second install on our series on how to improve a student reading comprehension.

Ask questions to the child which get them to justify their understanding of the text.

In VCE, students need to critically analyse the way language has been used to persuade a given target audience. Students need to clearly justify how and why the language used results in the reader being persuade or not dissuaded from a given issue.

So how do we foster critical analytical skills in the lower year levels so we can better prepare them for the older year levels?

Once again, questions which facilitate the students to justify why they think what they think help to assist the students in developing these more critical analytical skills. Following on from the example above, the question “How do you know Peter Rabbit is sad?” will help the student to justify their opinions. Naturally answers would be “he is sad because he is ‘crying’ and has ‘given himself up for lost’, and only someone who is sad would act and think in such a despairing manner.”

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