Congratulations Bella on receiving your Ivanhoe Grammar- F O Watts Scholarship!

We are proud to announce the that one of our students, Bella, is this year’s proud recipient of the F. O. Watts General Excellence Scholarship at Ivanhoe Grammar School at the Ridgeway Campus. For more information about this scholarship, please click here.

This scholarship is primarily interview based. To help her prepare for this, we ran a highly specialised interview preparation session with her and her mother.

For Bella, we tried to address some of the common feelings of anxiousness anyone going into a scholarship interview setting are likely to feel, then we presented her with some of the questions she is likely to get (after all, schools have a tendency to ask the same, or very similar questions in these particular scholarship-based interviews. We have collected many of them over the years.). Then we practiced having a mock interview, simulating the exact conditions of the real scholarship interview.

For Bella’s mother, we had her prepare a display folder demonstrating all of Bella’s achievements. We gave her hints and tips on how to improve upon this display. We taught Bella how to use the display book as a tool to help her “sell herself” in the interview.

We gave her lots of resources which helped her to practice and prepare for the interview.

On the day, Bella’s mum was proud to report that Bella felt free of anxiety and confident in the belief that she could seriously walk out of that interview with a scholarship offer.

Which, in fact, she did.

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